Suicide Prevention and Holistic Mental Health Support Service for 16 - 30’s

Kingsmere Community Centre, Whitelands Way, Bicester OX26 1EG

Opening Times: Tuesdays & Thursday 16:00 - 19:00; Sunday 14:00 - 18:00. We respond to emails within 2-3 days. Please check your spam if you have not had a response.

About Us

Dené's Story

Dené struggled with poor mental health from a young age, and as she grew, the daily battles she courageously fought against become more and more challenging.

At times during her teenage years she received help from CAMHS. It never seemed enough or that the right questions were asked. She never felt like it really helped.

In August 2016 Dené was referred to AMHS and deemed medium to high risk of suicide and diagnosed with a personality disorder. She was discharged in November and told to self refer to another service. She was not seen before she was discharged and there was no follow up by AMHS.

On the 21st February 2017, aged 22, Dené ended the battle, the war that raged in her head on a daily basis, and she took her own life.

She was a mother, daughter, sister and a friend.

Her passion was helping others and she was just beginning her journey towards becoming a qualified psychotherapist.

We consider Nai’s House to be Dené’s final gift to all those she loved, helped, and would have gone on to help, if she had received the professional support she asked for, but never got.

The Need

In 2014-16 there were 23 suicides of people aged under 25 in the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group area. 

15-19 year olds continued to be the largest proportion and number of patients referred to Oxford Health mental health services in 2016-17 and has seen the biggest increase since 2011-12.

Between the years 2011-12 and 2016-17, the number of patients referred aged 15-19 increased by 80%.

The OCCG rate of 5.7 was statistically above the England average of 4.7.

37% of younger employees are more likely to have mental health issues, with those aged 18-29 having been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition.

1 in 5 of 16-24 year olds experience anxiety and depression, with young women, more than men, experiencing symptoms.

Papyrus state that suicide is the largest cause of death for young people under 35.

Our Approach

Nai’s House isn’t just a thought, an idea created out of headlines and a knee jerk reaction to the current mental health crisis facing children and young adults. It isn’t yet another service jumping on the bandwagon, paying lip-service and ticking boxes. It is not just another mental health support service.

Nai’s House is a solution.

Created and delivered by people powered by passion and personal experiences, motivated by the need to ensure that our future generation’s well-being is properly invested in.

A Holistic Approach

Understanding Neurological Development

Why is it important?

Major changes to the brain’s structure and functions

Limbic System

Neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Serotonin, Glutamate and GABA

Pre Frontal Cortex - Destination Adulthood

The L.U.S.H. Model


We offer a personalised service to ensure we are always meeting individual needs and have adopted the Zero Suicide prevention strategy.


We offer information and workshops, collaborative working and signposting to other services.


We provide a supporter; working side by side to identify the help needed and the way in which it is to be received; and by offering easy access to talking therapy.


Nai’s House offers a range of holistic therapies and activities to help the whole body reconnect and promote self-care and a sense of wellbeing.