Suicide Prevention and Holistic Mental Health Support Service for 16 - 30’s

Kingsmere Community Centre, Whitelands Way, Bicester OX26 1EG

Opening Times: Tuesdays & Thursday 16:00 - 19:00; Sunday 14:00 - 18:00. We respond to emails within 2-3 days. Please check your spam if you have not had a response.

Thursday November 21st.  5 - 7pm

Nai’s House will be holding a parents peer support group for those who are concerned about their children’s poor mental health.  An opportunity for parents and carers to meet, share and feel supported.
We look forward to seeing you

Nai’s House isn’t just a thought, an idea created out of headlines and a knee jerk reaction to the current mental health crisis facing children and young adults. It isn’t yet another service jumping on the bandwagon, paying lip-service and ticking boxes. It is not just another mental health support service.

Nai’s House is a solution.

Created and delivered by people powered by passion and personal experiences, motivated by the need to ensure that our future generation’s well-being is properly invested in.

Our vision

Unity through Mental Health

Kindness & Compassion | Community Cohesion | Mentally Healthy Living

Our aims

To reduce the number of deaths by suicide

To encourage mentally healthy living

To work with others to provide a partner network of services for under 30’s with poor mental health

Our beliefs

The right support and education are essential to helping 16 - 30 year olds manage life and their mental health on a daily basis.

Prevention is the best approach to investing in the mental well-being of future generations and in reducing the number of deaths by suicide.

Creating a more mentally healthy and tolerable society is everyone’s responsibility. Collaborative working is key to achieving our vision and aims.

Latest News

Grand opening on September 3rd at 3 pm. Everyone welcome.

Nai’s House celebrates after receiving £9,300 from the National Lottery to deliver their support service.