Unity through mental health

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Nai’s House celebrates after receiving £10,000 from the National Lottery to deliver their support service.

Holistic Mental Health Support

Ages 16 - 25

Nai’s House isn’t just a thought, an idea created out of headlines and a knee jerk reaction to the current mental health crisis facing children and young adults. It isn’t yet another service jumping on the bandwagon, paying lip-service and ticking boxes. It is not just another mental health support service.

Nai’s House is a solution.

Created and delivered by people powered by passion and personal experiences, motivated by the need to ensure that our future generation’s well-being is properly invested in.

Our vision

Unity through Mental Health

Kindness & Compassion | Community Cohesion | Mentally Healthy Living

Our aims

To reduce the number of deaths by suicide

To encourage mentally healthy living

To work with others to provide a partner network of services for under 25’s with poor mental health

Our beliefs

The right support and education are essential to helping 16-25 year olds manage life and their mental health on a daily basis.

Prevention is the best approach to investing in the mental well-being of future generations and in reducing the number of deaths by suicide.

Creating a more mentally healthy and tolerable society is everyone’s responsibility. Collaborative working is key to achieving our vision and aims.