Where how you feel matters

Why Nai’s House

This is about the very real situation young adults, who need support managing their mental health, face today and finding a way to prevent poor mental health and suicide.

Dené took her own life on the 21st February 2017, aged 22.

She was our daughter, sister and friend.

Her death was the catalyst for us in standing up and saying 'enough is enough'.

We consider Nai’s House to be Dené’s final gift to all those she loved, helped and would have gone on to help if she had received the professional support she asked for, but never got.


To create an under 25’s holistic mental health support service that saves lives, improves mental well being and commits to prioritising prevention.


  • To reduce the number of deaths by suicide.
  • To encourage mentally healthy living.
  • To promote family values.
  • To work with others to provide an independent network of services for under 25’s with poor mental health.

Nai’s House Believes:

The right support and education are essential to helping 16-25 year olds manage life and their mental health on a daily basis.

Prevention is the best approach to investing in the mental well being of future generations and in reducing the number of deaths by suicide.

Creating a more mentally healthy and tolerable society is everyone’s responsibility. Collaborative working is key to achieving our mission.

How you can help

Let’s not beat around the bush, the best way in which you can help is to give us your money and get everyone you know to do the same…click the donate button to link through to our justgiving page:

However, we appreciate times are hard and that its not all about the money. If you want to help in some other way here’s what else you could do….

  • Volunteer your time and talents.
  • Hold a fundraising event.
  • Work with us.
  • Donate items laptop/phones/prizes/raffle/services etc.
  • Spread the word.

Or if there’s something in particular you wish to offer please feel free to get in touch.

Get in touch

For all enquiries and anything else please email hello@naishouse.co.uk